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Coronaguard are specialists in Technological Solutions to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus, with particular emphasis on the retail, hospitality and tourism sectors. We use the latest technology to provide non-intrusive systems that allow the public and tourists to move freely in busy environments without having to physically stop and be screened, whilst being continually monitored. We have affordable, portable and fixed solutions for all business types and sizes, small or large. Our systems are easy to install, can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be deployed very quickly.


* Custom designed installations for Bars, Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, Commercial Centers, Events ,Exhibitions, Council Offices, Schools, Airports, Factories, Offices and more.

* Our imaging systems can provide automated real time monitoring of large numbers of people in areas such as hotels and commercial centers, both indoors and outdoors, without personal supervision or individual face to face testing.

* Alerts can be generated when the system detects persons with abnormal temperatures, venues reaching maximum capacity, persons are not wearing a mask, or when a particular person of interest has been located.

* Automated door control and facial recognition allows permitted persons meeting predefined criteria (for example: person of normal temperature, wearing a mask, member of staff, hotel guests, etc) to access controlled areas, with multiple levels of access available.

* Our system can be used locally as a stand-alone solution or fully networked. Fever alerts or venue capacity alerts can be monitored remotely at local, county or national level, with details of time, location, body temperature, detailed over-capacity information and photographic images of the detected persons all available at the monitoring station.

* Our systems use Thermal Imaging, Facial Recognition, Image Recording, Artificial Intelligence and Internet Technology. When a person is located and confirmed to have a viral infection, the monitoring station can then query the entire network of venues to track all previous movement of that person prior to them displaying symptoms, and collect images of all persons that have been in close contact with them.

* Further alerts can then be set which determine, in real time, the location of any identified contacts when they are next detected. The previous movements of contacts can also be traced.

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We are committed to using the latest technology to enable a safer society.